Content policy

The guidelines set out on this page were drawn up by our staff afterwards and are mainly based on the following aspects:

  • Card scheme rules
  • Advice from community security management experts
  • Our moral values ​​and our business idea

All our products are produced taking into account every point described in this document. Contents that do not comply with all of the rules drawn up here will not be taken into consideration for publication.


All our games and digital products are original and produced by ourselves.
The game graphics, script and 3D models are our property.
Hate speech
We do not tolerate content that promotes hate speech, violence, exclusion or segregation. We condemn any serious attack against people on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or serious medical condition.
Indeed, the line between political commentary and hate speech can be very thin. For this reason we invite users to report any problems of this type encountered by them through the compilation of a forum that they can find in each product sheet.

Content suitable for an adult and sexual audience

Our games contain at least one disclaimer that can be viewed by the user once the game has started and before any explicit sex scenes.

We have zero tolerance for the following content:
-Any type of glorification of sexual violence, including sex with animals, rape and child exploitation. Also, sexual scenes in which there is a direct blood relationship between the characters involved (incest).
-The characters involved are admittedly minors.
-The characters involved are not overtly underage but their physical characteristics suggest that they are.
-Excessively deviant and outrageous sexual content including practices such as: Extreme BDSM, gore, vore, scat and other perversions that we consider disgusting.

Furthermore, we do not produce or distribute games involving real people.
All our games are fictional products.

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